Projects in Palestine

“Without hope we are lost” – Marwan Darwish


Projects in Palestine is a Coventry based, grass roots organisation set up to help the people of Palestine.

Our ethos is to help enable the Palestinians to continue to live and work on their lands whilst helping them to self -sustain whether it be by planting trees and crops or assisting them to start small businesses. We are particularly interested in focussing on funding women’s projects, projects for children and farming and planting.

All donations and money received will be spent facilitating projects in Palestine. None of us take a wage and all will self-fund trips.

We have been to Palestine on numerous occasions and have a wealth of experience in similar projects.

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Please contact us for further information:

Lisa - 07977 683 022
Suzanne - 07769 684 601
Rachel - 07568 593 499
Projects in Palestine